July 29, 2008

100 Million B.C., Adventures of Johnny Tao - A Kung Fu Fable, Alice Upside Down - The Movie, All Hat, The Babysitters - These Girls Mean Business, The Band's Visit, Believe In Me - Based on a True Story, Beyond The Ring, Christie's Revenge, Doomsday - Unrated & Theatrical Versions, Final Approach, Harold & Kumar - Escape From Guantanamo Bay (Unrated & Theatrical Versions), Lost Boys - The Tribe, Marigold, Never Back Down, Rolling Stones - Shine A Light, Stargate - Continuum, Superbadazz - Gotta Dolla Bill Ya'll, War Games - The Dead Code, Dexter - Season 1 (4 DVDs)

July 22, 2008

21, The Boston Strangler - The Untold Story, Dark Honeymoon - Till Death Do Us Part, Loch Ness Terror, Paranoid Park, Picture This, Shiloh Falls, Turn The River, Twin Daggers, Two Tickets To Paradise, Wind Chill

July 15, 2008

305, Asylum, The Bank Job, College Road Trip, Heavy Petting, Insanitarium, Mad Bad, Maradona - The Hand of God, Meet Bill, The Mighty Celt, Now That's What I Call Music DVD Volume 2, Penelope, Right At Your Door, Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman Movie, Shutter, The Sickhouse - Unrated, Steel Trap, Step Up 2 - The Streets (Dance-Off Edition), Trapped Ashes, Big Love - Season 1 (5 DVDs), Big Love - Season 2 (4 DVDs), Bubblegum Crisis - Remastered Edition (4 DVDs), Friends - Season 1 (4 DVDs), Silver Spoons - Season 1 (3 DVDs)